The Changes That Are Coming For The Practice Of Plastic Surgery

The practice of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery had been growing at an annual rate of 20%, reaching 18 thousand treatments a year in 2019. Efforts in emergencies have been redoubled to contain the pandemic that afflicts us, both in the public and private systems. However, the need also requires adaptation in an adverse scenario. 

Cosmetic treatments and plastic surgeries grew 163% between 2000 and 2018, according to official data from the International Society of Plastic Surgery, so this industry must adapt from medical visits to procedures. 

In this sense, we recommend seeing the scope of Covid-19 and maintaining caution. However, Coronavirus has affected all aspects.


In addition, the expert analyzes this period of confinement and believes that society, in general, has been in need of making changes in its routines. At this time, due to the postponement of the most urgently needed treatments, as well as other areas related to aesthetics such as barbershops and hairdressers have changed their schedules, among certified plastic surgeons, ethics, and moderation has prevailed. However, a significant number of patients are requesting information on when the centers will reopen in order to resume their treatments.

Elective surgeries have been limited in every way, including consultations and the postponement of scheduled treatments. However, telemedicine is a reality, and, as patients become more comfortable seeing their doctors in this way, a new edge opens up to consider. of Health.

Another issue to consider this year and in the future is the regulation of the medical subspecialty. In this way, the project would require that the doctor who performs the intervention must have the specialty of an accredited plastic surgeon. For example, if you want to have a nose job in Miami, you would want the top rhinoplasty expert Florida has to offer. In the case of certain types of interventions, these can be carried out by other specialists accredited by the Superintendency